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Home Call Whatsapp Enquiry. Aries infact are quiet and unostentatious. Aries follow mars, a planet concerned solely with action.

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Aries have so much power and energy that they tend to burn Taureans are stable, conservative and sensual. Traditionally they are said to be short, stocky stature, with strong shoulders and large necks. They are fond of smart clothes, jewelry and comfortable Life. They are impressed by bigness. Financial institutions or big Professions best suited for Geminians General characteristics of Gemini Its element is air, ruling planet mercury, quality is mutable and symbol is the twins.

Geminians are very unyielding in their determination and are often considered as obstinate. They have great Cancariens are subtle and brilliant, but they usually lack continuity of purpose. They have tremendous mind power and are enthusiastic, imaginative and researching. Their minds keep changing according to the situations. They are noble persons who are very helpful to others.

They are great counselors, untiring workers, knowledgeable and good at extracting work from others. They will be conservatives not only by conviction but also by practice.

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They cannot adapt themselves Capricorn is that described by the combination of the goat, Saturn, and the earth element: materialistic, practical, serious and cautious. The Capricorn is the ideal industrialist or businessperson, letting no humanitarian concerns interferes with the important business of making money We plan to pick a stream which will further help us get into the job we dream about and work very hard towards it.

But is your career choice the right option for you or are you destined for something greater but you are still are unaware and running behind a dream that will give you average results? As per the Vedic Astrology, there are some great and good placement, conjunction and interchange of planets that show beneficial for the native especially with regards to their career or professional life.

Predicting Profession through Astrology

Simply click here and get to know your ascendant right away and then get to know the profession prediction of the native as per the birth chart! As per the Aries ascendant, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus are an important planet and play a crucial role in predicting the career of the native. Their placement should always remain good and just in case they interchange between one another or have conjunction then it gives beneficial results for the native in the form of good career growth and direction.

Few of the career profiles that suit Aries ascendant are:. In the case of the Taurus ascendant, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter play the most essential role in predicting the career of the native.

On the off chance that there is a conjunction or interchange or placement of the three planets is positive then the native will always be ready to experience positive news on the front of their professional life. The career options good for them are:.

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For the Gemini ascendant, Moon, Jupiter, and Venus are the most essential planets who play a major role in the accurate prediction of the career for the native that will bring growth and prosperity in their life. Career options that are good for the Gemini ascendant are:. In accordance with the Cancer ascendant, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are the most essential planet for predicting the most beneficial and growing career option for the native.

KP Astrology Case Studies-37 -- How to choose Profession?

If the placement of the above-mentioned planets is good or has conjunction or interchanges between each other then the possibilities of having a thriving and ever-growing career are on the card of the native.